Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, Bombay, India Photo Blog

Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, Bombay, INDIA Photo Blog

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Message from Mrs Meera Issacs

Mrs Nargolwalla

Mr Lewis

Rocky Bell Boa


Monday, May 21, 2007

Col. Eric Joseph Simeon (Retd.), ex-Principal, passed away

Col. Eric Joseph Simeon (Retd.), ex-Principal, passed away in New Delhi earlier today, just past noon. He was 89.

May his soul Rest In Peace.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

RIP John Paulose

Mr. John Paulose, teacher of Chemistry passed away during the early
hours of Friday May 4th, 2007 from a heart attack.

Our sincere condolences to his family and prayers that
his soul may rest in peace.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Farewell to Judah Gabbay

Our dear friend Judah Ronen Gubbay
passed away on Wed 13 March 2007, after
a long very courageous battle against

There will be a prayer meeting for Judah in
the school quad on the 5th of April 2007
at 5.30 pm.

Bombay 1920s

Map of Bombay from 1920s showing Cathedral School,
Has anything changed in the map except for the names?

Ex Principal Col Simeon

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007

Ex Principal Col. Simeon is in the ICU in a Poona hospital.
He is battling cancer and various other ailments.

Farewell to G.Bose

Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007

Mr Bose passed away today
morning of a heart attack.
He was 73 and was in
Bangalore at the time.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cathedral from 1900s

Can you tell which direction is the front gate of Cathedral (or Siddharth College) or Chem lab?

3G Sings

From Juzar and Yaseen:
Subject: ICSE 84, 3G singing in Junior School.

Pratap, Nikhil, Vijit, Sudeep, Deven, Anup, Saradhi Rajan (Barham),
Bakhtiar, Preeti Gholap, Sarah Sloan, Shibani

Not seen here: Sarita Garware (Barham), Juzar, Anil, Rica Guedj, Ajay,
Preeti Yamdagni, Arnaz, Yaseen, Mandira, Preeti Kamlani.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This was the SLR once.

The Gym (3rd floor), 8B,9B (2nd floor), Library (1st floor).

11B on the ground floor

A photo of 8D from the cat reunion series.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cathedral school song - play up school.

Cathedral & John Connon School Song.

Cathedral School Hymn

The same and not the same -- Cathderal stands alone at 6 Purshotamdas Thakurdas Marg in a hundred year old picture.

Cathedral School Prayer.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Top standing: Fareed Zakaria, Vinay Gupta, Sudip Ghosh, Rohan Dalal, Rajiv Nair, Madhu Uttamchandani; Row 2: ?,?,Vera Tata, Maya Sharma, ?,?,?,?; Sitting: Rajit Kapur, Ananhita Doongaji, John Lewis, Mr Simeon, Mrs Patruni, Judah Gabbay. 1982.

Nihal Mehta and Sudip Ghosh, titrating the rare salts, giving Rocky sleepless nights.

Pull of knowledge at Marine lines stadium during sports day sometimes in 1980s; Mrs Kochar, Mrs Eapen, Mrs Issacs, Mrs Vishnu, Mrs Sonia at tug of war.

Mr. Nepali cheering for Savage house at the Marine Lines Stadium on Sports day, sometime in the 1980s.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

David Elisha, Cathedral, 1958-1984. 8-Oct-1984.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cathedral 10A

Cathedral School 10A

Row 1: Madhavan Thirumalai, Judah Gabbay, Sudip Ghosh,
Row 2: Fareed Zakaria, Rangan Banerjee
Row 3: Dennis Shah, , Nihal Mehta, Mr. Majumdar, Vera Tata, Vikas Seth
Row 4: L2R:Mr. Chacko, Mr Vatcha, Mr Elisha, Mrs Kamat, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Nagorwalla,
Mrs Issacs, Mrs Vishnu, Mr. Wagh, Mr. Nepali, Mr. Paulose, Mrs Kapoor

Others .. add your own names in comments or email me.

Cathedral School 10B

Cathedral School 10B,

Row 1(top): Calvin Melanie, Fali Landana, Arjun Gupta, Manjit Singh,
Rajendra Arora, Rajiv Judge, Umesh Soni.

Row2: Rajiv Nair, Aman Malik, Homi Katgara, Mohsin, Rohit Mohindra, K.B.Unni, Sanjeev Khandelwal, ?, Hiten Shah, Sangam Pande;

Row3: Mohanjit Singh Malik, Deepa Punja, Sunder, Roma, Jogesh Motwani,
Molina Seth, Rita Chainani, Vikas Seth, Dinesh Melwani, Namrata Shahani,
Colette Austin, Khursheed Mama, Nanik Mulchandani, Arjun Erry?,
Puneet Agrawal, Vineeta, Rajesh Manachanda, Yamuna Siddique, Mr Majumdar;

Row 4, L2R: Mr Nepali, Mr Rao, Mr Krishnan, Mr Swami, Mrs Kamat,
Mrs Nagorwalla, Mrs Vishnu, Mr Paulose, Mrs Kapoor, Mr Wagh,
Mrs Poonose, Mr. Vatcha;

Comments welcome and/or send me email.

Cathedral School 10C

Cathedral School 10C,

Row 1: Sameer Parekh, Jamshid Lal, Mohet Lamba
Row 2: Rustom, George Abraham, Milind Gadekar,
Row 3: Vivek Kalra,
Row 4: L to R: Mr Sharma, Mr Patki, Mr Swami, Mrs Samuel, Mrs Kamat, Mrs Kapoor, Mrs Nagorwalla, Mrs Kochar, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Poonose, Mr. Lobo

Anonymous said...
Row 1:Samir Parekh, Rohan Dalal, Rajan Rajgopal,
Sanjay Dalal, Jamshid Lal, Rahul Subberwal.
Row 2: Russa Mehta, George Abraham, Porus Kaka,
Milind Gadekar, Shirish Agarwal.
Row 3: Reena Kewalramani, Samira Mistry, Anuradha Bose,
Sheila Kunj, Malavika Munshi, Sharmila Sen, Sumati Rajan,
Archana Mallik, Smeeta Vaswani, Preeti Vohra.

Others .. add your own names in comments or email me.

Cathedral School 10D

Cathedral School 10D.

Row 1: Vishak Das, Firdaus Dodhi, Lamba?
Row 2: Rohan Kailasam, Amit Ahuja,
Row 3: Rebecca Harrison, Sandra Wise, Nirmala Swami
Row 4: L2R: Mr. Lewis, Mr Patki, Mr Elisha, Mr Sharma, Mrs Kamat, Mrs Issacs, Mr. Chakko, Mrs. Kapoor, Mr. Pande, Mrs Samuel, Mr. Lobo.

Others .. add your own names in comments or email me.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Senior School, the back door is now permanently locked.
Too bad I don't have pictures from the 80s.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cathedral Class Reunion coming up in Mumbai

Click here to join CathedralClassof80
Click to join CathedralClassof80

>>Date: July 27, 2005 1:54:56 AM PDT
>>Subject: class reunion
>> Hi
>> We are planning a class reunion at the end of the year and would
>> appreciate your help to get the email id s of as many of our batch
>> mates as possible.
>> Could you pl send me the ones you have at the earliest.
>> and please keep the 16th and 17th of December free.
>> Maya Koregaokar Arora
> Ketan D. Kothari
> AlphaSmart

Missing in the list are Rajiv Judge and Fali Landana.

> Abhijeet.Mankar aniabhi_at_att_net
> Ajay.Marwah.Narula ajaymarwah64_at_gmail_com
> Aman.Malik amanmalik63_at_hotmail_com
> Amit.Ahuja amit.ahja_at_vls_com_au
> Anand.Chandrasekher yasminc_at_comcast_net
> Arjun.Gupta agupta_at_kraftasia_com
> Arun.Nilkant arun.nilkant_at_gmail_com
> Asheem.Chandna asheem_at_chandna_com
> Avinash.Bhandoola avin99999999_at_yahoo_com
> Calvin.Malaney calvin.malaney_at_ntlworld_com
> Colette.Austin colette.austin_at_lintasindia_com
> Darsha.Dalal darshadalal_at_yahoo_co_in
> Dennis.Shah DenShah_at_nyc_rr_com
> Dinesh.Melwani dnvmel_at_yahoo_co_uk
> George.Abraham georgeabraham_at_hotmail_com
> Hiten.Shah hshah1963_at_yahoo_com
> Homi.Katgara homi_at_vsnl_com
> Hrishi.Kamat hkamat_at_gmail_com
> Jai.Bhandarkar jaibhandarkar_at_yahoo_com
> Jamshid.Lal jamshidlal_at_aol_com
> Jogesh.Motwani jogeshmotwani_at_hathway_com
> Judah.Gubbay judahgubbay_at_hotmail_com
> KB.Unni unni_kb_at_hotmail_com
> Ketan.Kothari ketank_at_gmail_com
> Khursheed.Mama kmama_at_colostate_edu
> Madhavan.Thirumalai mthirumalai_at_yahoo_com
> Madhu.Uttamchandani timberking7_at_gmail_com
> Mala.Punwani.Shahani malapunwani_at_hotmail_com
> Malini.Sawhney malinisawhney_at_hotmail_com
> Manjit.Singh makkm_at_tpg_com_au
> Marina.Chotia marinac1980_at_yahoo_co_uk
> Maya.Arora.Koregaokar coachkleats000000000_at_hotmail_com
> Meenakshi.Chandiramani.Thadani min_at_netvigator_com
> Milind.Gadekar milindg_at_yahoo_com
> Mohanjit.Malik tejaindustries_at_vsnl_com
> Mohet.Lamba mohet_lamba_2061_at_yahoo_com
> Mohsin.Ahmed mosh_ahmed_at_yahoo_com
> Namrita.Jhangiani.Shahani namrita.jhangiani_at_ezi_net
> Nandini.Mankar.Kohli nandinimankar_at_yahoo_com
> Nandu.Devaya nandudevaya_at_yahoo_co_in
> Narayan.Mulchandani nmulchan_at_netvigator_com
> Neville.Tuli nevilletuli_at_yahoo_com
> Nihal.Mehta nihalmehta2001_at_yahoo_com
> Nikhil.Amin nikamin7_at_comcast_net
> Paulomi.Jain paulomijain_at_yahoo_com
> Piyush.Goel ppgl26feb_at_rediffmail_com
> Poonam.Talwar poonamnitco_at_yahoo_com
> Porus.Kaka persian_at_vsnl_com
> Preeti.Vaswani.Vohra preeti_at_vaswani_us
> Prithviraj.Singh eagreal_at_tpg_com_au
> Punit.Aggarwal punit_at_tajonline_com
> Radhika.Robertson.Bhaveja robshome_at_emirates_net_ae
> Radhika.Sood.Sawhney Rsoods_at_aol_com
> Rahoul.Subberwal rahoul_at_falconfoods_com
> Raj.Arora tancara2004_at_yahoo_com
> Rajan.Rajgopal rajgopal232_at_yahoo_com
> Rajit.Kapur kapurrajit_at_yahoo_co_in
> Ranjit.Ahuja ranjit_at_ranjitahuja_com
> Rebecca.Tombs.Harrison rebecca.tombs_at_hotmail_co_uk
> Rikeen.Dalal rikeendalal_at_yahoo_co_in
> Rohan.Dalal rdd_at_vsnl_com
> Rohan.Kailasam missing
> Rohit.Mohindra educon_at_mtnl_net_in
> Romin.Kohinoor 22843031
> Roopesh.Patel patel_roopesh_at_yahoo_com
> Rumman.Ahmad rumman.ahmad_at_legend_com_pk
> Russa.Mehta russa.mehta_at_vsnl_com
> Saleel.Sheth saleelsheth_at_hotmail_com
> Sameer.Parekh sameerp_at_intelliconltd_com
> Sandip.Aggarwal sandipaggarwal_at_privserve_com
> Sangam.Pande goodkarma888-cathedral_at_yahoo_com
> Sanjay.Dalal sanjay_at_tarladalal_com
> Sanjay.Sitlani jay.sitlani_at_hellerehrman_com
> Shakir.Fazelbhoy maxfazel2006_at_yahoo_co_uk
> Sharokh.Engineer Sharokh_at_sharokhengineer_com
> Sudip.Ghosh sjghosh_at_doctors_org_uk
> Suku.Shah sukushah_at_olivetreetrading_org
> Sumati.Rajan sumati1_at_comcast_net
> Sunder.Subbaroyan sunder.subbaroyan_at_doerfer_com
> Suneel.Utamchandani utams_at_vsnl_com
> Vaibhav.Sanghi vaibhav_at_sanghioverseas_com
> Vera.Choksey vera_choksey_at_yahoo_co_in
> Vikas.Seth vikas.seth_at_csfb_com
> Vinay.Agarwal godvinay_at_hotmail_com
> Viren.Khanna khannaviren_at_hotmail_com
> Vivek.Kalra vivek_kalra_at_yahoo_com

Friday, May 20, 2005

Palmer, Cock house 1976. Dr. Krishnan, Mr Pande, Kuruvilla Jacob, and you know the rest of motley crowd. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 11, 2005

"Your city is so small that thirty strides will take you all the way around it. To be always in the sunshine, you need only walk along rather slowly. When you want to rest, you will walk-- and the day will last as long as you live."

"The thing that is so good about the box you have given me is that at night he can use it as his house." -- Little Prince, Exupery.

What's a nice building like that doing at Flora Fountain?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

"Bright was the day, and blew the firmament;
Phebus hath of gold her stremes doun ysent
To gladen every chyld with her warmnesse."

- - Chaucer in "Merchant's Prologue"

Bright was the day, and blue the firmament;
Phoebus has her streams of gold down sent
To gladden every child with her warmness.

"Of aventure happed hire to meete
Amydde the toun, right in the quykkest strete,
And oon have I in remembraunce,

- Chaucer,

"By chance happened to meet her
Amidst the town, right in the busiest street,
and one I have in rememberance"

Fountain is not crowded at 3:30pm

" You shall also make no noise in
the streets; for, for the watch to babble and to
talk is most tolerable and not to be endured."

- Dogberry, Much Ado, Shakespeare.

"Today we'll wander through the streets and note
The qualities of people." Mark Antony, Shakespeare.

"Build Dadabhai's statue to make him glorious:
But tidings to the contrary, are brought your eyes;
what need speak I of books and brookes
and people and pipal trees at bus stops?"
- Pericles, Shakespeare.

Bombay Stock Exchange as seen from Fountain.

"What need a man care for a stock with a bench, when
she can knit him a stock?"
-- Launce in Two Gentlemen of Verona, Shakespeare.

BEST bus #84 at Junior School, Fountain, Mumbai.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Onions in vinegar and pickles.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Junior School at Fountain

Middle School

Saturday, January 15, 2005

?, Mr Paul, ?, Dr. Wagh.